Building Operations

We currently manage/maintain over 2 million square feet of commercial and residential properties in downtown Harrisburg, including the tallest building between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, with facility management services including building operations. We offer the same skilled professionals that service all areas of our own properties to our clients � electricians, plumbers, and those who manage everything from HVAC systems to fire and life safety systems.


We employ a wide range and diversified staff of skilled tradesmen conveniently located in downtown Harrisburg and with experience managing larger projects.

 "What an impressive sight"; that was the reaction from the staff of the PGCB as they entered the new hearing room. While under construction, the Corporate Director of Property Services and his staff displayed the ability to stay calm considering tight deadlines and to remain focused on solutions that moved towards the PGCB's goal of being the premier gaming regulator.

Steven Wilson

Director of Office Services
Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board

From a master plumber on staff to HVAC and Refrigeration specialists, there is always a 24/7 on-call technician available.

Services bundled forcost and efficiency

Like our other services, we offer building operations services alone or bundled together with other facility management services, as well as safety and security services. A single source, single contract, single point of contact streamlines operations for maximum operational and cost efficiency.

HVAC Team EPACertified

Our qualified HVAC staff is EPA certified and dedicated to keeping your equipment running efficiently � from installation through maintenance. These professionals install, repair and maintain heating, ventilating, air conditioning and steam equipment for cost effectiveness. Their experience spans split systems, heat pumps, roof top units and air handlers. They install and repair electronic, pneumatic and digital controls, as well as make repairs to various pumps and the alignment of motors.

All Electrical NeedsCovered

Making sure that all aspects of your electrical needs up to 480 volts AC are met is the goal of our electrical department. They run conduit, pull wire, install switches and outlets and change ballasts. We are also adept at doing a complete fit out of new tenant space including installation of lighting and voice and data lines, ensuring all power requirements are met. We have an extensive monthly preventive maintenance program to ensure all equipment is in proper working condition. With an eye toward �green� practices, they�re always looking for new products that decrease power consumption. This has included replacing incandescent light bulbs with either compact fluorescent or LED lighting and updating old T 12 lamps and ballasts with more efficient T 8 lamps and ballasts.

Refrigeration - From Problems To Repair

With years of experience in refrigeration, our staff can trouble shoot and repair all aspects of refrigeration, whether it�s replacing compressors, faulty fan motors on evaporator and condenser cells repairing electrical problems and leaks. They conduct preventive maintenance on refrigeration systems � cleaning & sanitizing coils. We advise on potential problems, recommending replacement when necessary, and provide cost-saving solutions.

Life Safety - Preventive MaintenanceThe Key

Our life safety team conducts a monthly comprehensive preventive maintenance evaluation on fire and jockey pumps, halon/CO2 suppression systems and various fire alarm systems. They also can provide monthly fire extinguisher and sprinkler valve inspections to ensure all safety equipment is operational and available.

Master PlumberOn Staff

Our plumbing staff is experienced in residential, commercial and industrial plumbing. They install, maintain and replace piping systems, plumbing fixtures and equipment.

One thing sets us apart from many of our competitors. That�s our 24-hour control center with supervisor and manager contacts readily available. You won�t get an answering machine when you have a problem. You will have immediate access to our dedicated staff to help solve your problem. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
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